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Aqmos water softeners

Winner "Good value" - 10-2019 

Don't look for expensive models

A water softener is a simple thing! it consists of a salt reservoir, a resin core and a control valve.


The water softeners + connection set can be installed immediately. The device is already set from the factory. This means you only need to set the time and capacity!

A suitable model for every household

The Aqmos softeners come in a variety of models. There's a solution for every situation. Check which series fits you.

Great service

Do you have doubts or need help? You can always call, email or Whatsapp us. Our top service makes customers recommend us!


Our favorite!


Starting at € 399,-


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  • Compact and cheap
  • Refill salt every 3 - 4 months
  • 1 - 7 persons (<250m3 p.y.)
  • 3 year warranty


Less work!


Starting at € 510,-

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  • 60% bigger salt container
  • Refill salt every 10 - 11 months
  • 1 - 9 persons (<300m3 p.y.)
  • 3 year warranty


Seperate salt container!

Starting at € 599,-

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  • Losse zoutbak van 75kg
  • Refill salt every 10 - 11 months
  • 3 - 5 persons (<250m3 p.y.)
  • 3 year warranty

A water softener with a salt tank is the only one that has been proven effective! 

There are 3 variants on the market. The best known is probably the AMFA4000 magnetic water softener. This model was featured on SBS, De Telegraaf and other channels. Click on the 'READ MORE' button for information about magnetic, filter and salt-based water softeners.

No more limescale!

(Existing) limescale on plumbing and taps disappears. Saves cleaning again! Cleaning is also easier because the dirt can no longer adhere to the lime. 

power point

Save energy!

Limescale deposits on heating elements and has an insulating effect. This results in a loss of return!

Reduces many skin problems!

For example, it has been shown that hard water can cause / make atopic eczema worse. Hard water ensures that particles in soap are broken down, which then remains on your skin. >Research<

  Longer lifespan for devices!

Your coffee maker, kettle, dishwasher, washing machine, geyser, boiler and central heating boiler will last longer.. 



During installation ( See manual ) you fill the brine tank with salt tablets or salt crystals. This is good for about 3-4 months!

Every 3-4 months
Replenish salt (Approx. €10 per 25kg)

Top up your water softener with salt tablets/crystals. If this does not happen, the resin core will be saturated and the lime will return. Solution: Top up salt again! 

Salt tablets and crystals are both suitable

Every 3-4 months
Add resin cleaner

You can add resin cleaner at the same time as adding the salt. Resin cleaner ensures that no iron particles form in the resin core. This promotes the life and operation of the softener.

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1 year
Annual control

Top up your water softener with salt tablets/crystals. If this does not happen, the resin core will be saturated and the lime will return. Solution: Top up salt again! 


For the handy Harry

Installing a water softener is easy for most people.


A power point within 2 meters (or an extension cord).. The softener comes with an adapter..


A water connection after the water meter. This is where the water input and output is connected. This can be achieved in most households with 2 compression fittings.
Optional: mounting block View the 

 You only have to take 3 things into account when installing.


A drain within 6 meters.
2x 12mm PVC hoses are connected to this.

Montage instructies

At the bottom of the page, you can download the mounting instructions. Here you can also find the manual and technical data. Are you stuck? Feel free to call, Whatsapp or email.

Photo by iMattSmart on Unsplash

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